Mobile VoIP to the Rescue!

25 May

It has happened ten times.  There have now been ten different situations where I was elated that a person called the second line on my mobile phone.  This line is for people I just met, or don’t want to speak to, and I let all those calls go to voice mail.

I cannot tell you how happy I am with VoX.  I downloaded a mobile VoIP app from VoX and I got a second phone number and voice mail.  I give it to everyone I don’t really want to talk to.  I use it for outbound calling too, because I don’t always want people to have my primary cell phone number show up in their caller ID.

So, here it is.  Ten times I gave out my VoX phone number, and when they called me back, I let the call go to voicemail.

  1. I signed up for a mortgage quote online.  They don’t give you any useful information until they have your phone number.
  2. I filled out a credit application.  Heck, every creditor should go to voice mail.
  1. I toured a timeshare, and got my $75 dinner voucher in exchange for my phone number.
  2. I took a test drive, and they wanted to call me for the next 5 days to see if I had decided to buy it yet.
  3. I sat next to a dude at the ball game and he thought we had made a connection.
  4. I wanted to buy something on Craig’s list.  I called them on my VoX line, and I never gave them my primary phone number.
  5. I did that online dating thing and had to give a phone number so we could meet.
  6. I met a person that I thought was really cool, but it was 2:00 AM.
  7. The neighbor had an open house, and I had to see the inside.  The selling broker won’t let you leave without a phone number.
  8. I met a businessman in the street who asked me if I knew people who might want to work in the new office he was opening up.  He would not leave until I gave him my phone number, and he punched it into his cell phone and called me while I was standing in front of him to make sure he had the right number.

See, you need to get a second phone line on your smartphone.  Let all those calls go to voice mail if you want.

VoX has several calling plans, including U.S. at 2 cents a minute and huge savings on international calling.  I don’t use international yet.  If you want the Pay and Go plan, then for only $1.00, you can get a real phone number that rings on your mobile phone. It comes with its own voice mail system, so your VoX line can have a different voice mail greeting from your primary line.

VoX saves me every day.  You can see it at


Dating Privacy Tips – Protect Your Phone Number

25 May

The Dating Line

The time has come.  I have multiple identities on Facebook, dating sites, twitter and email, and now I need multiple phone numbers on my smart phone.  I love my phone number and my important friends have it.  But I am reluctant to give it to somebody new.  What if I have to change it because my new friend turns out to be a creep or a stalker?

To the rescue is the mobile VoIP app from VoX Communications!  VoX gives you a second phone number, a second voice mail box, a second phone line, and it all runs over your data plan for very little money.  It runs over the 3G, 4G or WiFi network, and since it is data, none of the calls show up on your phone bill.  Your wireless carrier does not see the calls.  The calls show up on the VoX website, so you can check them and have a record of them.

We see two huge benefits to this product for the dating community.  First, if you are dating two or three people, you can have two or three lines.  So if your primary phone provider is Verizon, that is fine, because if your primary friend gets nosey then your primary friend will only see calls made on Verizon.  For secondary or new friends, you can give them your other phone number (other 10 phone numbers if you meet 10 people) and phone calls to these people will never show up on your Verizon bill.

The second benefit is that when you write to someone, it does not always work out.  You want to be careful who you give your primary phone number.  I know women who have two mobile phones, and one is “the dating phone” and they don’t even answer that phone.  They let those calls go to voice mail so they can listen to how the guy sounds before they decide to call him back.  But they can’t lug that phone around forever, and eventually they give him their “real” phone number.   Who wants to have the expense of a second phone line?  VoX give you a “Pay and Go” line with no monthly recurring charges.  You don’t need Verizon’s 400-minutes-a-month plan a recurring fees every month.  Just pay for the minutes you use on your VoX line, and if you go a couple of months without using Vox, there are no charges!  I am loving Vox, and you can love it too at

Android is taking over the world

11 Nov

Google’s Eric Schmidt recently noted that 1.3 million new Android devices are activated each day.  Android is coming to your home TV soon, and your home phone.  And that is just the beginning.  Developers love writing Android apps.  Google knows what it is doing.